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About Counselling

How Counselling can help

Anxiety is a normal evolutionary response for the body to any dangerous situation. We all need a certain degree of anxiety to motivate us to act. The difficulty comes when the mind sees danger where there is none. Overthinking and ruminating about the future can lead us to be "on the edge" all the time. Sometimes the worries we experience in everyday life become overwhelming and normal emotional experiences become more intense and overpowering. Often, we can find difficult personal or social situations distressing and we find it difficult to cope. In life, we cannot change others or the environment we find ourselves in, but we can certainly change how others and our challenges impact upon us.

Counselling and psychotherapy allows us to explore the issues that we find distressing and overpowering. The counselling room is a safe environment to explore how we find ourselves in the position we are in and, through counselling, the reasons behind difficulties in coping can be identified, and better ways of understanding and coping with life explored.

A pile of pebbles showing different layers of troubles
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